Picking Your Wedding Photographer – Choosing Your Style

I have thought about writing this piece many times since we started Bride Vs Groom but I have always hesitated. The truth is that this has been a subject that has been addressed many times but rarely by photographers themselves. It seemed to me that it felt rather crass to talk about it; it is after all my job to photograph weddings and I didn’t want anyone to think I was writing to merely create interest for my own photography. It was only really after I got married myself that it occurred to me how useful this kind of information really can be to brides and grooms. I’m surrounded by wedding information on a daily basis and to me it was relatively simple who I was going to pick as my wedding photographer (and as it happens it was someone who shoots in a very different style to me!), but what if it isn’t as clear cut?

What if you are going into the subject blind, never having been to a wedding and with no real knowledge about photography? What then do you do?