Welcome to the Family

We are all family: Matt and Dom are husband and wife, Liam, Alex and Dom are brothers and sister. We work in two teams: Dom & Liam take photos, Matt and Alex make films.

Four Primes, No Seconds.

Whether shooting photos, films or both we are all prime shooters with a unified style and individual creative touches. We each might have our own take on individual images but we’re incredibly lucky to share the same ethos and overarching vision, making for an inventive, original range of imagery within our trademark York Place Style.



Charged with keeping the boys in check, Dom began York Place Studios at the tender age of 21 along with elder brother Liam. With her film photography background and fine art influences she entered the world of weddings with the idea of doing things a little differently and in doing so created the founding principles of the York Place Style. Her passion, bubbly personality and sense of romance puts emotion at the centre of her imagery.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @yorkplacestudio

Instagram: yorkplacedom

Website: www.dominiqueshaw.com


Liam is elder brother to Dom and Alex. Liam turned his attentions from design to photography and joined Dom in forming York Place. His design influences can be seen in his attention to composition, symmetry and use of negative space. Inspired by the great Magnum photographers and with a firm love of street photography, Liam’s critical eye for detail and innovative choice of angles are the focal point of his photography.

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Twitter: @YorkPlaceLiam

Instagram: liamshawphoto

Website: www.liamshaw.com



Tea addict and once self professed ‘gormless groom‘ before marrying Dom, Matt draws his influences from stills photography and uses his rich background as a theatrical lighting and sound designer to manipulate light and create stirring and innovative soundtracks. Matt’s uncompromising stance on audio quality and technical ability in interweaving a rich tapestry of sound creates emotive and original soundtracks to guide and complement every film.

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Twitter: @YorkPlaceMatt


Younger brother to Dom and Liam, huge Breaking Bad fan and all-round beardy man, Alex’s unique style of storytelling forms the backbone of York Place Films’ editing style, making creative connections between images to produce exciting, fast-moving and captivating wedding films. Alex’s wide ranging cinematic influences inspire him to push the boundaries of conventional wedding films and find the uniquity behind every story.

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Twitter: @yorkplacefilms

The Studio

“Oh We Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside”

We are constantly travelling for beautiful weddings across the UK and Europe but we are proud to have owned York Place Studios, our Yorkshire seaside HQ for over 10 years.

A Creative Space For Creative Individuals.

At York Place Studios we seek perfection and each of us with our individual creative talents pushes the others to explore all new territory within their work. York Place HQ is the perfect environment to harness our art and free our minds. York Place isn’t just our creative HQ, it’s a fully fledged photographic studio. Here we push the boundaries of traditional portraiture, exploring light, shape and texture and never EVER saying cheese.



We have entered the TWIA for the past four years and have been delighted to win the Best Wedding Photographer in the North East Region three times (2014, 2016 & 2017) and Highly Commended in 2015. The TWIA’s recognise and reward excellence in the wedding industry, with the judging process placing an emphasis on in-depth reviews from our wedding couples and we are so grateful that they took the time and effort to vote for us.

We won the 2015 International Rangefinder Photography Annual First Place Winner with Liam’ s gorgeous photo “The Snow Bride!” Out of the thousands that entered the competition only twenty-five were chosen for the awards and just seven across all of the categories were awarded First Place! We are proud to announce that Liam was the only First Place Winner in the UK. Being a part of this prestigious award means that along with the honour of being published in the amazing Rangefinder Photography Annual, the work will also be featured in a gallery exhibition at the 2016 WPPI Conference & Expo taking place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Best of Wedding Photography is an elite premier invitation only association for the world’s top wedding photographers and we are thrilled to be a part of it. The association has a very strict criteria to join and they only allow photographers with high levels of success in the industry with accompanying recognition by brides.

We were thrilled to be invited to Junebug’s exclusive “World’s Best Wedding Photographer’s” Directory. Junebug select only the most creative and inspiring wedding photographers in our industry so it was an absolute honour for us to be asked to join such an elite group.

We are a proud award-winning member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, a professional organisation that welcomes only the very best photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. It only accepts photographers who work in a candid and documentary style, quietly capturing the real moments without directing the day.

World’s Top 100 Wedding Photographers Society is an elite invitation only association for the international top wedding photographers. It is an exclusive premium list of wedding photographers worldwide and it was a honour to be asked to be part of such a society.

Fearless is an association which celebrates the most exciting and innovative wedding photography in the world. Fearless only allows photographers who are inspired to push the envelope of what is possible at every single wedding. To become a Fearless award winning photographer you must have superb technical skill, endless creativity and a passion for photography that drives you to create the very best images.

We were honoured to reach the finals in the MyWed Competition, a contest that rewarded excellence on a global scale. Only a small number of top UK photographers were chosen for this prestigious award.

A big thank you to our friends Nirav Patel & Ed Peers for the lovely photographs of us.