Broughton Hall Weddings

Broughton Hall is a wonderful place for a wedding. The soon-to-be Mr and Mrs are given complete free rein of the place so that you can stamp your personality all over your wedding and make the setting your own. Our fabulous couple also hired a Papakata teepee for the reception (another option we also love!) and it was a fantastic combination. You can also choose to stay over at Eden, one of the most secluded areas of the enormous grounds, and have the house all to yourself: perfect for the bridal getting-ready and to continue the party on well into the next day!

“WOW. We’ve just sat down and watched this and are blown away… It’s amazing!! Thank you so, so much!! We’re settling back into reality after an amazing 6 weeks of wedding fun, thank you for being such a huge part of our day – having you both around really was an absolute pleasure. Thank you again so much for everything!!”

Broughton Hall Weddings by Dom & Liam Shaw, York Place Studios