First Look Wedding Photography // Zara & Rich

We always want to better ourselves at every wedding we do and create something different and truly unique for our couples. When we met Zara and Rich to talk through their day they were particularly keen to do something a little different and as we chatted we couldn’t resist telling them about some alternative options for the moment they see each other for the first time. When we suggested the possibility of a “First Look” (an emotional experience that Dominique had experienced the power of first hand) they jumped at the chance! We had captured a First Look Wedding Photography session before but we were super keen to be a part of such a dramatic and highly emotional experience again.

We spent weeks searching for a spot that worked; it needed to be secluded (which isn’t easy in the summer holidays), have fast access to speed off for the ceremony afterwards and be somewhere befitting of the magnitude of the occasion, somewhere that would take Zara & Rich’s breath away. From the expression on Zara’s face as she arrived at her destination to see her groom awaiting, back turned, in the distance, I think we might just have succeeded…

Zara & Rich’s First Look moment was so beautiful and dramatic with the wind swirling around and the Yorkshire Coast providing the perfect background and it was such a pleasure and an honour to be a part of. Here is the story of their Secret First Look and all that unfolded…

Dominique & Liam

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Wedding Photographers Dominique Shaw and Liam Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Studios and strive to create emotional, storytelling photography that captures the real moments of your wedding day. Based near York and Leeds, the destination wedding photographers travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide to capture your special moments.

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