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Documentary wedding photograph from an intimate wedding in London. In the foreground to the right of the frame a bride in white dress holds her wedding train, her veil floating out behind her, her face not included in the frame. In her right hand is her bridal bouquet, behind which a smiling bridesmaid holds another bouquet. Behind and to her right the groom bends down to take the hand of a young boy, a pram with another child framed between them. Far left of the frame a woman in a blue dress looks on.
Birds fly over the entrance gate to St Etherelda's Church in London

York Place Studios are incredible photographers and truly lovely people. We ended up having our wedding in the midst of COVID and decided to go ahead with two weeks’ notice. Despite our original guest list of 150, we ended up as only a party of 16 due to all the restrictions but Dom wasn’t fazed in the slightest and slotted in effortlessly, putting everyone at ease. We have literally dozens upon dozens of mind blowing photos that you would want to frame. If you’re debating whether or not to go with York Place then don’t - it’ll be the best wedding planning decision you will make! - Natasha & Greg


8 years ago this month I got married in a tiny restaurant in the Canaries, surrounded by 28 of Matt and I’s family and closest friends.

There were, of course, others we would have liked to be there and some very difficult choices we had to make with the guest list but, with 30 our venue’s maximum capacity, they were choices we simply had to make and now, looking back after all these years do you know what?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Those that couldn’t be there were of course sorely missed, but having such a limited number meant that every single person who was there emerged an even closer friend at the end. We spent time together, we shared an experience together and, whilst a tropical storm wreaked havoc on our ‘tropical’ wedding for 3 or 4 days, we did everything together. Our wedding became not just one day of trying to grab five minutes with as many people as possible, it became something much more intimate, a chance to really relax in the company of a great group of people, to get to know them better and truly share this important moment in our lives with them. And, all in all, I think it was all the more special for it.

So whilst the micro-wedding revolution being legally enforced is of course not a situation any of us want to find ourselves in, it’s actually led to some extraordinary moments this year. Micro weddings are truly special events. That heightened sense of intimacy, that close bond and companionship make them a powerful shared experience, a memory not just of the wedding itself but of the time you all spent together. One of the thrills of being a wedding photographer is how different every single shoot can be despite all revolving around this central, most eternal idea of two people coming together in marriage, and whilst the scale may be reduced, the fun, the memories and the power of the occasion certainly are not. The starting point of our documentary style of photography is always focussing on people, and having more time to explore individual personalities and really get to understand the people around us is a rare and exciting project, and one I’m so excited to be photographing.

I only spent around six hours or so in the company of the lovely Natasha & Greg, yet the vibe of their intimate London wedding reminded me so much of my own. The small group really knew each other, really banded together to make this miniaturised microcosm version of their wedding every bit as special as their original plans could have been. Whatever the size and scale weddings are, at their heart, about love and friendship, yet in the fast-flowing flood of excitement, ideas, inspiration and occasional admin and, let’s face it, politics that hit the second you announce your engagement, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget that. But with micro weddings as small in numbers yet huge in love, warmth, friendship and personality as Natasha & Greg’s, it’s perhaps just the reminder we need.

Natasha & Greg, it was truly an honour and privilege to share these special, unforgettable memories with you.


Guests assemble in a London church ready for an intimate London micro wedding. Four of the five people in the photograph wear face-masks due to being a covid-19 wedding. Micro wedding photography by York Place StudiosGroom stands beside wedding car prior to his micro wedding ceremony in St Etheldredas Church in LondonGroom checks the time whilst his masked (due to Covid-19) groosman holds out his boutonierre ready for fittingSocially distanced wedding guests sit in church ready for an intimate covid wedding in London. On the right of the frame one guest helps another to fit his buttonhole to his black wedding suit.Groomsman crouches beside a little boy in a London church wedding. On the right we see the legs of a little girl being held in a woman's armsGuests (socially distanced) stand as the bride and her father make their entrance and approach the waiting groom. Wedding photograph from a micro wedding in London.

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