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Photographers · Filmmakers · Storytellers

We are Yorkshire Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers York Place Photos and York Place Films. We are Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt; Storytellers and Family members. We seek the in-between moments and thrive on the spontaneous. At York Place we do things a little differently…

Song, Dance, Love and laughter: these are the moments, these are the memories.

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Leeds Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Leeds is a vibrant and diverse city with lots of different locations, events, restaurants and hotels that will satisfy everyone’s wants and desires for their joyous day! Within Leeds itself, there are a number of glamorous venues that are just perfect. Two of the most popular are the elegant Art Deco Queens Hotel and the stunningly ornate terracotta architecture of the Met, both located in prime locations within Leeds with absolutely breathtaking venues.

Or if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city then there are plenty of magnificent venues situated just around Leeds in the sensational Yorkshire countryside that are simply perfect for Leeds Wedding Photography. There’s the unforgettable 18th Century Mansion at Oulton Hall with it’s beautiful grounds, the outstanding Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa which offers some of the finest cuisine in the region, the incredible Hazlewood Castle and it’s stunning views and gardens, as well as the tranquil country house that is the Wood Hall Hotel and Spa to name just a few. With a multitude of spectacular and stunning locations for even the most disconcerting couple, Leeds is a a fantastic place to get married and one that will leave you with wonderful memories for the rest of your life.

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