Harrogate Wedding Photographer, The Majestic Hotel

Majesty, Marriage, Mendhi’s and Magic – We left our happy couple basking in the emotion and ecstasy of a beautiful Nikkah ceremony at the bride’s family home in Shipley, West Yorkshire. A week later we travelled to another gorgeous Yorkshire town, this time moving to the North of the county as we arrived in the stunning town of Harrogate ready to party in style at a magnificent Mendhi celebration.


The Nikkah ceremony had been an intimate affair; a private celebration for the couple’s closest friends and family in very personal surroundings. As we pulled up to Harrogate’s Majestic Hotel we could see this would be a very different type of event: grand, traditional and spectacular, a huge occasion for all to enjoy and a chance for the newlyweds to share the occasion with their wider friends and family.


A Victorian landmark, the Majestic’s imposing and august design spoke of the grandeur of the occasion. The magnificent fireplaces and ornate crystal chandeliers direct from a classic age of Western architecture homogenized with the regal opulence of the Eastern embellishments. The elaborate rostrum was delicately prepared for the arrival of the bride and groom with thrones fit for a king and his queen as the guests congregated in the North South Lounge.


Flanked by his family, the groom processed into the room, a silken dupatta cloth held aloft by his brothers as he walked. Once the two families were united on the stage and he had greeted his guests, it was time for the bride to finally make her entrance.


Illuminated by candlelight, the delicate golden weave and beautifully embroidered dress glistened with her dazzling jewellery as the bridal procession began. Walking elegantly beneath a gorgeous dupatta braided with real flowers she looked breathtaking; the intricate Mendhi hand decoration prominent as she held her hands before her in prayer-like fashion.


Once Adeela was seated alongside her doting husband the guests lined up to feed sweets to the couple and add Henna to the bride’s hand.


After an amazing buffet the merriment began in earnest as the singing and dancing began. The bride and groom looked on as their families took to the floor, money being thrown towards the happy couple throughout. As all the boys came together the groom was finally brought to the floor to join his brothers in traditional dance. Our beautiful bride followed suit with the girls before finally the couple were united as the men and women joined together in some sensational dancing.


As the evening drew to a close the exultant guests began to depart. After such an exhaustive and fantastic event it was hard to imagine a more perfect close to the celebrations, but for this incredible couple there was one more very special day to come.