Indian wedding photographer, Ilford, London

She Walks in Beauty – When Indriaty married Mohsin she was given a new name, a name with a meaning that could not be more fitting to our stunning bride:

Hiba“A beautiful girl, usually of Middle Eastern roots who is truly a gift from God. Empathetic, charming and kind. Strong willed and very strong in her beliefs. Lives for love and loves life. She is lovely all around, she is God’s gift to mankind.”

A natural beauty, it was no surprise to discover that Hiba works as a much sought-after model, travelling across the world and featuring in the most glamorous shoots and top magazines. Though she was more than used to her every move being tracked by the cameras this East London shoot was going to be something very different and very special, for on this shoot the cameras were there to capture something truly magical: Hiba and Mohsin’s Mendhi and wedding day.

Upon meeting Hiba you can’t help but be blown away by her warmth, beauty and piercing blue eyes. It was no surprise that Mohsin simply couldn’t wait to marry her. So much so that they arranged the wedding celebrations in just 4 months, no mean feat considering that Mohsin set out to do everything himself with meticulous detail in order to surprise his lovely bride. Everything had to be perfect; an opulent setting fit for the beauty and perfection of his partner: an impossible task achieved with flawless style and finesse.

With incredible, intricate Henna, stunning dresses, a luscious and extravagant marquee, a perfect couple and a mass of happy guests this was a day of love and emotion, of joy and of great beauty. A beauty that goes beyond appearances and into the soul. A beauty that goes beyond words and can only be seen in the eyes of two people in love; in the little shared glances and the briefest of smiles. A picture tells a thousand stories, these ones belong to Hiba and Mohsin.

SHE walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that ‘s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes

 – Lord Byron.