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New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 & Fuji X-T1 by Liam Shaw

Last week myself and Dom visited New York City to attend a workshop with world-renowned Magnum photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. Magnum images have long been a huge inspiration to me and having the chance to meet photographers whose work I’ve admired for as long as I can remember was truly a privilege. Alex Webb’s use of light in his images is extraordinary and getting the insight and feedback of these incredible artists into street photography and the poetic image is something that will continue to inspire me on my own photographic journey.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the trip was spending time with like-minded photographers and connecting with artists who shared the same passion for photography as I do. Sharing a Brooklyn apartment with our unbelievably talented photographer friends Kristian, Ross, Sachin, Alexis and Adonye made for both a hilarious and illuminating week and in turn that highlighted for me a very different feeling I experienced as I explored parts of this great city. Amongst the incredible architecture and the symbols of hope and optimism all around I began to see a different side of life in the big apple: the feeling of isolation that urban life can create for people – a theme I found myself drawn to whilst I explored the streets. Below are a collection of photographs that document my response to what I saw and felt in NYC.

Liam Shaw

“Ultimately, the reward is the process – the process of photographing and discovering and trying to understand why and what am I photographing.”

Alex Webb

New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 New-York-Street-Photography-3 New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 New-York-Street-Photography-5 New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 New-York-Street-Photography-7 New-York-Street-Photography-8 New-York-Street-Photography-9 New-York-Street-Photography-10 New-York-Street-Photography-11 New-York-Street-Photography-12 New-York-Street-Photography-13 New-York-Street-Photography-14 New-York-Street-Photography-15 New-York-Street-Photography-16 New-York-Street-Photography-17 New-York-Street-Photography-18 New-York-Street-Photography-19 New-York-Street-Photography-20 New-York-Street-Photography-21 New-York-Street-Photography-22 New-York-Street-Photography-23 New-York-Street-Photography-24 New-York-Street-Photography-25 New-York-Street-Photography-26 New-York-Street-Photography-27 New-York-Street-Photography-28 New-York-Street-Photography-29 New-York-Street-Photography-30

New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 & Fuji X-T1 by Liam Shaw

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