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It feels a little pre-emptive to start summing up 2019 but as the long winter nights draw in and the season slows down it’s hard not to feel just a little bit nostalgic about this crazy year and all the adventures it’s taken us on. From gorgeous weddings all over the UK to street trips and speaking engagements in Bali, Mexico, Barcelona and

Cameracraft Feature, York Place Studios Back in September we held our first photography Masterclass entitled "Documentary with Bite" in association with Fujifilm and Digitalab. We had a fantastic time and through it have discovered a genuine love for teaching and seeing our students develop and learn. We were so grateful to Digitalab for being the perfect hosts and to Fujifilm for bringing along a

York Place Masterclass, Documentary with Bite SEPTEMBER 14TH 2017 We never wanted to be great wedding photographers, we wanted to be great photographers. Wedding photography is an industry often dominated by cliché. By alternative takes on a shot you’ve photographed 1000 times before, by the weight of assumed expectations over the freedom of artistic expression. There’s a continuous pressure to perform, to match the best images

The Importance of Print Whether photographing weddings or street photography we always demand the highest of standards of ourselves and the simple test we always use is this: Are these images good enough and interesting enough that we’d be happy to place them on display in a public gallery? Last week we went one step further and made that question a reality. Last Thursday our first street