NineDots Gathering: Creating Awesome Since 2015

This past week we’ve been involved in something extraordinary. We’re lucky enough to be part of an incredible community of photographers across the world and over the course of a few days in London we saw that community come together to learn from one another, inspire each other’s hearts and to party like they’ve never partied before.

NineDots: Not a conference, not a workshop, a gathering.

NineDots is the brain-child of four of the best wedding photographers in the UK right now (who also happen to be four amazing friends of ours) and last week they came together to try to make the wedding industry a better place. After the huge success of their own workshop back in February Andy Gaines, Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona and Mick Shah (aka the NineDotters) dared to dream of something bigger and set about inviting some of the most inspiring photographers in the world to come together in London to speak, hang out, party and play some serious ping pong! They made a list of the people who inspired them, they emailed them, everyone said yes.

We were honoured to be asked to document the inaugural NineDots gathering and it was an amazing experience photographing some of the best in the world hanging out and sharing freely with fellow photographers of every level of experience and from all corners of the globe. We loved every minute and left battered and bruised but with a renewed love of our industry and inspired by the way everyone came together with full hearts, so much love, friendship and humility.

If this slideshow can show you just 1% of how incredible an event the NineDots Gathering is you’ll understand why you need to book your tickets for next year’s event right now.

A big shout out to all the amazing speakers and especially to Erin and Ben Chrisman for the back massages, pep talks and some serious inspiration.

When there’s nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.

Dom and Liam