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The Danse Society - White Rabbit When Callum Nash invited us to be involved in creating a music video for The Danse Society, we could not wait to get started, especially when we found out that it would be featuring the fantastic track of White Rabbit from their new album 'Scarey Tales.' It all took place in Callum's fantastic little studio at Woodend Creative

Scarborough Winter Wedding, Crown Spa The Scarborough winter wedding of Alison and Jamieson took place in many venues ending finally at the Crown Spa Hotel. The day started at the brides home where fun and laughter was the order of the day a wonderful family orientated occasion. It was all hands at the ready as young and old alike prepared themselves for the big

Styles of Wedding Photography

For a while now we’ve using our Tuesday posts to explain in a little more detail about all the different styles of wedding photography and what they actually mean. There’s still a couple of categories we haven’t yet covered and we’ll be resuming the series next week, but, the reason we’ve been talking you through these styles is to put you on the right footing; to help you to get a grasp of the sort of photographer that you’re most likely to connect with depending on what you’re really looking for from your wedding photos. Hopefully these posts have been helpful in establishing some guidelines,

But now we’re about to blow those pigeonholes wide open.

I was blown away by the response to last week’s wedding advice post on finding the right style of photographer for you, but after receiving several emails from some of our avid readers this week it’s clear that there was one question on which we probably provided more questions than answers:

What do all these different wedding photography styles actually mean?

It’s a very good question and one that’s actually unbelievably difficult to answer. There are just so many styles and most photographers these days probably to some extent cross over several of them. Photographers do tend to have a primary style they categorise themselves under but at the end of the day we all just want to make our couples happy, and the result of that is that actually we cross over slightly into other styles of photography in order to fulfil our client’s wishes.