Our Wedding Photography Mentoring sessions offer an opportunity to analyse and develop every aspect of your photography one-to-one with photographers Dom & Liam Shaw. These are intensive sessions where, alongside offering helpful business tips and advice, we will analyse your work alongside our own and help you to refine and develop your shooting style to create a strong visual fingerprint. Our mentoring sessions are completely tailored to your needs and will openly cover anything you would like to discuss with no topics off limits.

One-to-One Wedding Photography Mentoring

Our one day or intensive two day mentoring sessions are a chance to work one-to-one with both Dom & Liam to discuss your work in-depth. These sessions provide us the opportunity to delve deep into every aspect of how you shoot, present and identify yourself as a photographer. Over the course of the sessions, spent at the very studio where we honed our craft, we will take you in detail through the way that we approach documentary wedding photography, our street photography and other influences and our ideas on composition and putting your own personality into the frame. We will help you to think about your own personal ruleset and the type of photographer that you want to be and look at practical one-to-one tips as to how to achieve those goals.

Our mentoring sessions are entirely tailored to your individual needs but will broadly include:

· A detailed Portfolio Review and critique
· An in-depth look-through, analysis and comparison of some of our own full weddings to see how we approach a full wedding day
· Suggestions to enhance your website, message and branding
· Tips on choosing the right equipment to match your shooting style and how to set up your camera.
· Practical tips on composition and shooting in different lighting conditions
· A six-month Skype follow up session.

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