Pocklington and Burnby Hall Gardens Wedding Photography

Pocklington and Burnby Hall Gardens

Pocklington Registry Office is situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. It was the perfect setting for the ceremony between Nicole and Jamie on a lovely Spring day. The ceremony took place in the Registry’s Stewart’s room aptly named after the Stewart’s Burnby Hall Gardens. After wedding photographs were taken of the bride, groom and wedding party in front of Pocklington registry the families walked to the gardens. The Burnby Hall gardens are situated next to the registry office and are often referred to as a “haven of beauty and tranquility” and acknowledged as  “one of the jewels’ in Yorkshire’s crown. The green-leafed wreath upon the brides head blended in perfectly and befitted the luscious green floral setting. The families posed for more photographs as they walked through the gardens basking in the sunshine. One of the two lakes proved to be a perfect place to walk by with lily pads floating on its surface whilst the area with the hewn logs provided yet another interesting backdrop. A fun interlude occurred as all of the guests were presented with animal masks ranging from, to name but a few, sheep to foxes to wolves to wear. All the guests donned the masks and managed to provide some interesting imagery to photograph. Even the giraffes by the side of the lake looked onward in surprise! As the bridal party moved round the gardens one could not help to enjoy the atmosphere and realise its all year potential to provide a perfect setting  for wedding photography in Pocklington. After the last photograph was taken it was then time for the bride and groom and their wedding party to move the celebrations onto one of a more culinary setting.


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