bride and groom confetti wedding photograph at Preston Court
bride and groom confetti wedding photograph at Preston Court



Wedding Location: Kent, UK
Reception Venue: St Mildred’s Church, Canterbury (2 Church Ln, Canterbury CT1 2NE)
Ceremony Venue: Preston Court Wedding, Canterbury (Preston Court, Court Ln, Canterbury CT3 1DH)
The Couple: Sian & John
In brief: A wedding in Kent in the glorious space of Preston Court, the Railway Graveyard was a great find!


Less than a month ago we headed to Canterbury in Kent for another adventure in the South! We couldn’t wait to photograph this one, ever since seeing Preston Court online we had been itching to come and capture this wedding! Preston Court is such a cool, quirky venue featuring a church on the amazing grounds, a Kentish barn with fairground organs inside and to top it off an extraordinary Steam Train Museum collection as a backdrop!

The day started with us pairing off and visiting the excited bride and groom at their first locations whilst they got ready for the big day; Sian at her mum & dad’s gorgeous B&B and John at the Duke William in Canterbury which rather usefully had a bar downstairs for the boys to toast the upcoming celebrations!

When we arrived at the church it was simply stunning. The weather was glorious (it didn’t feel like March!) and the whole scenery was so incredibly picturesque. After a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony the celebrations continued with a whirlwind of confetti and hugs and then as the guests made their way into the epic barn we took our gorgeous newlyweds off for some portraits amongst the trees at Juliana’s Island and our favourite new place to shoot: the Railway Graveyard!

Thanks so much to Sian and John for allowing us to be a part of their special day, it was an utter pleasure to visit beautiful Canterbury and capture your story.

Dom and Liam

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