Preston Court Weddings

Preston Court is a very unusual venue because it has quite the unique option; three very different but equally stunning places to choose from to tie the knot! The quirky Kent Barn (which is also an awesome reception location), an outdoor wedding on the stunning Juliana’s Island or a religious ceremony at the on-site St Mildred’s Church. It also has a versatile canvas for your reception ideas including the opportunity to hire a Victorian Carousel. Our favourite place though has to be the incredible graveyard of retired steam engines; one of the most unique and coolest spots for portraits we have ever seen!


“York Place photographed our wedding perfectly, really highlighting our personalities through their photos. We have a wonderful picture of our whole day in a style that suited the wedding and us perfectly. I am proud to display every single one of my wedding photos. York Place have captured the memory of our day with such precision and character, and my husband and I cannot thank them enough.”

Preston Court Weddings by Dom & Liam Shaw, York Place Studios