Bride in Birdcage veil before Scarborough Registry Office wedding. Black & White wedding photograph


I Fell in Love with a Lyrical Genius – Oozing elegance, style and sophistication a striking young woman settles gently upon the stool, the gentle folds of her stunning dark gown spreading softly around the pedals, her delicate fingers reflecting against the shimmering polished ivory as slowly they rest naturally upon the keys and her soulful lament begins. One of our favourite photographs of 2010, this was an image to encapsulate the elegant side of her character. Back in 2008 we brought you the cool, the edgy and the downright glamorous sides with a rock & roll shoot starring her band Like a Thief. Today we complete the picture with a previously unseen side to the character (except to those that know her well): the deliriously happy side! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our friend, local celebrity and favourite muse miss Holly Jazz Kotzé, (the artist formally known as Lowe!).

Holly’s unquestionable musical talent has seen her headline venues across the country but today she took centre stage for the biggest event of her life. Though a seasoned traveller, sailor and general adventurer her wedding was to be set in the town where she had spent most of her life; her much beloved Scarborough. Surrounded by her closest friends and family this would be a fun filled day featuring her favourite aspects of the coastal town, relaxed and unfussy, charming and beauteous. Holly and Matthew wanted the theme to remain local in its essence, engrossed in Scarborough culture; featuring rural pub-life, fresh sea air and of course those famous Scarborough fish and chips!

Stepping through the door of Holly’s Cloughton family home the December chill was shaken off by the warmest greeting you could ever wish for as the whole family bustled happily around the house. As we explored Holly’s childhood home the very walls tingled with an air of expectant excitement and as we gingerly pushed open the door to Holly’s room we were met by a glimpse of ivory: a dazzling dress unfurling daintily from the same ring where once a punchbag hung rough and ready.

As Holly entered and took her seat at the dressing table the transformation began before our eyes from the fun and playful Holly to the glam and sophisticated.

As Holly’s mum helped her with her hair and placed the birdcage veil delicately upon her daughter’s head the ensemble was complete: a bride of suave sophistication, of glitz and glamour, and now she was ready for her closeup!

Meanwhile over at the registry office Matthew impatiently awaited his prize. With guests surrounding and his South African family getting a taste of British tradition, Matthew looked effortlessly debonair in his grey suit, purple tie and pink boutonniere.

As the registrar took her place and asked the congregation to stand, Holly entered upon the arm of the father who had so encouraged her musical gift. Standing before the people she cares for and beside the man that she loves she smiled broadly and joyfully as she and Matthew became husband and wife. With a delightful ceremony featuring a reading by her sister of a story written by Holly’s own hand it was a perfect way for this happy couple to validate their relationship and celebrate their love.

Exiting the registry office in a torrent of rose petals and confetti the pair fought their way through the well-wishing guests back to the awaiting car whereupon they were whisked to Scarborough seafront followed closely by an open-top ‘Suncruiser’ bus crammed with happy guests.

The couple met sailing the high seas and, though upon their voyage they found adventure, romance, hope and happiness together, there was one thing they could never find no matter how wide they searched: better tasting Fish & Chips than those found on the good old North Yorkshire coast! Treating their guests to some of Scarborough’s finest at the Victoria Seaview Restaurant (alongside a proper Yorkshire pot of tea!) Mr and Mrs Kotzé presented their guests with a unique wedding favour: hand-bound scrolls inscribed with the same story Holly’s sister had read out at the ceremony, written by the bride herself.

After a traditional Scarborough feast, drinks aplenty, some excellent speeches and general merriment it was time to move on to the final location and, in keeping with the spirit of the day, the venue for the drinks reception was none other than Holly’s local Pub, the Red Lion Inn, affectionately known by the locals as “The Dog”. With the beers flowing, the records spinning, the darts flying and the mirth and conviviality continuing it was time for a surprise from our leading lady. Taking to the stage she began an unorthodox speech, brilliantly delivered and culminating in the grandest of finale’s as, in honour of her new husband, she sang a rousing rendition of the South African National Anthem which she had taught herself.

As if that wasn’t enough the traditional cutting of the cake and out and out scrap for the bouquet was followed by an amazing first dance with accompaniment from Holly’s own father singing Hoagy Carmichael’s “The Nearness of You”. It was a truly beautiful moment for the emotional couple and unforgettable for all of the gathered onlookers. As the guests rushed to join in, even Holly’s much loved dog Vronsky joined them on the dancefloor!

The party continued well into the night with live music from a band made up of talented friends and local musicians (including the groom of another wedding we brought to you back in 2008) with Holly’s dad taking the lead on guitar. But the star of the day could never resist the chance to get up on stage, and so to the delight of the guests our bride stepped up to the mic and sang an incredible rendition of Gershwin’s Summertime, a version that will be long remembered by these the singer’s most loyal fans.

For our remarkable couple this was an entirely magical day. The Scarborough themed wedding was spectacular in its simplicity and so beautifully fitting to our local shining star. With personal touches of a South African influence and with friends and family so entwined in the day this was a wedding that was the sum of two parts: Holly and Matthew together as one. As Hoagy Carmichael, observed in that amazing first dance:

When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me, All my wildest dreams came true. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing exclusively for your viewing pleasure, the brand new Mr and Mrs Kotzé.