Scarborough Seaside Engagement Shoot

Scarborough Seaside Engagement Shoot

We love our couples. We have so much fun capturing their memories and having adventures with them and engagement shoots are the perfect time to explore the landscape, get to know each other, have a huge giggle and create some long lasting memories of their engagement along the way. Debbie and Mike are such an awesome couple; they are both such a laugh and were up for any and all of the challenges we set them… including braving some rather large waves on Scarborough beach! We can’t wait for their wedding next year, something tells us that with these two the wedding is going to be EPIC!

Dominique and Liam

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Wedding Photographer Dominique Shaw and Liam Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Studios and strive to create emotional, storytelling photography that captures the real moments of your wedding day. Based near York and Leeds, the destination wedding photographers travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide to capture your special moments.