Scarborough Spa Wedding | North Yorkshire

The Scarborough Spa is quite the venue. If you have never seen it, the ceremony takes place outside (obviously weather permitting but we’ve yet to do one inside!) with a panoramic sea view and a gorgeous outlook onto the seaside town of Scarborough in the background. The beach is minutes away and you can nip down to have some portraits very easily and without the need for transport and there is also a cool retro cliff lift that can take the bride down to the venue or the happy guests back to their accommodation at the end of the evening. We can totally understand why brides and grooms want to get married there and we were delighted that Laura and Jason asked us to be a part of their day and photograph their story in these amazing surroundings.

They had a wonderful (and rather fitting) beached themed Scarborough Spa wedding, with seagulls, beach huts and of course fish and chips and Knickerbocker Glorys! After an emotional and heartfelt ceremony the new Mr and Mrs Waller celebrated with their friends and family then later we whisked the happy couple off for some pictures on the beach whilst all the guests were busy chilling out on deckchairs. After the first dance and a lot of boogieing with their friends the guests and newlyweds were treated to an unexpected firework display! Scarborough’s annual Sea Fest was well underway just across the bay and the festival fireworks could not have been better timed as Scarborough Spa happens to be one of the very best location to view them from!

Huge thanks and congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Waller!

Dominique and Liam

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