A South Yorkshire Back-Garden Wedding Video with Georgina & Steve


Wedding Location: Yorkshire, UK
Venue: Family farm in South Yorkshire, Doncaster
The Couple: Georgina & Steve
In brief: A wedding that had the most unusual staff… the people were hedges!


When your bride and groom make their grand entrance on the back of the combine harvester that they’ve just been forklifted onto and are waved into their reception by people dressed as hedges you know you’re either dreaming or attending something rather special…

Georgina & Steve’s wedding at the family’s South Yorkshire farm was nothing short of spectacular. Not only had the father of the bride been crafting their venue all year (and it looked absolutely stunning by the way!), the bride herself is a skilled and incredibly creative designer of hats and headpieces (check out to see some designs!) and more than a few of her creations could be seen adorning family and friends alike! At the heart of it all though they are a couple who just love to have fun and that proved the theme of every part of the day. From the living hedges to the awesome brass band playing everyone into the marquee to the people themselves, this was a day you couldn’t help but love every second of and we’re honoured that we were asked us to capture their memories of every last second of it.

Matt & Alex

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