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St Laurence Church, Scalby & Robinson Home, Cloughton

If music be the food of love. The last time I had seen Tom was many years before, seated in the centre of the rhythm section banging out an amazing drum solo in the Jazz band in which we both used to play. Though my sax no longer gets the attention it perhaps deserves, Tom could never resist the chance to pick up his sticks and play. Music is in his heart and in his soul, but today his heart was dominated by a different type of harmony, it’s rhythm beating to a different tune. For this was his wedding day and today his love of music played second fiddle (no pun intended!) to his love for Sarah, his one true love and soon-to-be wife. (Though perhaps there might still be a little room left in there for the music…)

We’ve photographed all kinds of venues from simple marquees through to the grandest halls, hotels and castles but today’s reception venue was something a bit different: a giant teepee dominating the lawn of the beautiful garden at the Robinson’s family home. Looking sensational in the blistering sunshine the rustic benches and floral table centre’s (themed to houses of the local area) finished off the look perfectly, typical of the quirky yet homely style that Tom and Sarah had adopted as a central theme of the day.

After taking a tour of the magnificent teepee we set off with growing excitement to find our bride as she prepared for the day in her family home in the village of Scalby. With Sarah distracted by makeup we kidnapped the dress for some detail shots in truly beautiful surroundings.

Whilst the vintage dress made quite an impact hanging delicately from the floral arch, it was not until Sarah, hair and makeup affected with a vintage twist, slipped into the gleaming gown that its true beauty could be known. She looked absolutely perfect; her personal style evident, accentuated by the glamourous regalia, simple yet spellbinding.

Flanked by gorgeous maid of honour Amy (dressed in an elegant blue ensemble to match the groomsmen’s suits) the arrival of an amazing White Porsche completed the image and heralded our departure to catch up with our groom down at the church.

The couple handpicked all of the flowers for the wedding from the side of the road near their home, another hint of the rustic, wild natural theme of the day. The groomsmen’s lilac floral boutonniere’s offered a gentle contrast against the deep blue suits and dark navy ties as they awaited the bride’s arrival outside St Laurence Church.

With the guests assembling Tom and best man Pete stepped inside as the roar of a sports car engine echoed against the stone walls of the old church. Sarah looked like one of the iconic movie stars of old as she stepped out of the lavish vehicle, wild bouquet in hand. Greeted by the couple’s retired former school headmaster the reverend David Pynn and on the arm of her doting father Simon, Sarah followed her bridesmaids into the church to the delight of her assembled friends, family and of course her waiting, adoring, husband-to-be.

The ceremony was perfect, crowned by an emotional kiss as Tom gently pulled his bride towards him. Though nearly all of his attention was focussed on his stunning bride, he had spared enough of his energies to ensure he could still hold a beat in another wedding first as our grinning groom walked over to his drum-kit and joined his band in playing a celebratory song to the general delight of the guests.

Showered in confetti and with the broadest of smiles on their faces, the couple returned to their car to be chauffeured back to the waiting teepee where the final finishing touches had been completed. We were delighted to see one of our pictures adorning the guestbook table: one of our favourite shots from their engagement shoot, the couple looking so natural together riding an old bike through the fields near their home. They had even found a model of the bike to dress the table alongside some personal family photos from their parent’s weddings.

On such a glorious day the garden and teepee looked absolutely incredible and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect or well suited venue for this amazing couple.

The guests were clearly enjoying the day every bit as much as Tom and Sarah and whilst they talked and laughed together we took our chance to steal the bride and groom away for a few moments alone for some gorgeous shots together.

The speeches were at times emotive, sentimental and hilarious with the best man even providing photographic evidence to backup Tom’s character assassination. By the time of the final toast the wine ran freely and laughter rang through the air whilst the couple cut the cake and prepared for their first dance together as husband and wife.

And what a dance it was! With sunlight fading fairy-lights lit-up the supports of the teepee, the dance-floor illuminated by the gentle glow of the encircling lights. As the band struck up the classic “Sing Sing Sing” bride and groom took to the floor for a thoroughly entertaining and uplifting jive before being joined by the guests for a mass boogie!

As the night progressed, the fire was lit, the dance-floor filled and Tom took once more to the drums, joined by another of our former band members, Usher and brother of the groom Ian on guitar.

As he in turn played, danced, talked and laughed one thing never changed. As he enjoyed the music that was his first love, his eyes rested throughout on his beautiful wife, his gaze besotted, his heart enraptured. As their eyes met across the crowded dance floor the surrounding chaos melted away and for me the words of Shakespeare sprang clearly to mind, a fitting synopsis of Tom’s love for Sarah:

“If music be the food of love, play on.”