Syon Park

Syon Park Wedding

London is such an exciting city with so much to offer, and this is especially the case when you’re looking for a great venue for your Special Day. For Jenny and Francis though only one venue had the grandeur and beauty to fit the bill and their beautiful Syon Park wedding exuded elegance, style and finesse from start to finish.

It was absolutely glorious weather throughout the day which gave an extra little touch of magic to Syon Park’s already magnificent setting, particularly as the warm golden sunlight cascaded through the delicate glass walls of the Great Conservatory as the sun set over the park. There were so many beautiful moments to capture with this amazing couple, and as the evening’s cool breeze brought gentle refreshment from the hot summers day, the festivities began in earnest with the gentle elegance of the day transforming to an all out party which continued long into the evening under the starlit London night sky. It was the Bride and Groom though that set the tone as Francis and Jenny (now changed into an eye-catching red dress) took to the floor to show everyone just how a first dance should be done! The guests were certainly no slouches on the dance-floor though with some brilliant moves keeping everyone thoroughly entertained…

Although it was perhaps on the whole a typically English affair, the couple’s rich heritage and cultural background also took pride of place throughout the day, with the Groom even demonstrating his unquestionable commitment to his new bride by learning his speech in Vietnamese – a gesture greeted warmly by his new extended family.

Jenny and Francis are such a warm and generous couple and we know they’re going to have such an amazing future together. Jenny and Francis thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful day. Here’s a little teaser of their very special Syon Park Wedding…

Alex & Matt

Syon ParkSyon Park Wedding videographers,  Alex Shaw and Matt Thompson’s creative and artistic approach to videography results in stunning and imaginative videos, passionately crafted to meet your bespoke video needs. York Place Films is growing a reputation for producing some of the best in UK cinematography and travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK and abroad to film your video. Whatever the project they can’t wait to tell your story to the world.