The Danse Society – White Rabbit

When Callum Nash invited us to be involved in creating a music video for The Danse Society, we could not wait to get started, especially when we found out that it would be featuring the fantastic track of White Rabbit from their new album ‘Scarey Tales.’ It all took place in Callum’s fantastic little studio at Woodend Creative in Scarborough, a place that is brimming with ideas and energy in the heart of this historic seaside town which Callum truly personifies. After we had set up our equipment and were ready to begin filming, it was great to watch a striking piece of art unfold as we observed a unique creative process take place. This whole process was made extra special as we knew that this artwork was going to be featuring in the new album.

There also felt like a lot of creative synergy being created as we listened to The Danse Society and the music from their new album for the first time (in my case anyway!). It really helped to combine with our environment in order to create the right kind of atmosphere needed for everyone’s creativity to flow in a positive and relaxed manner!

So to both Callum and The Danse Society, thanks for involving us in this project! It was absolutely incredible and certainly one to remember.

White Rabbit performed by The Danse Society

Maethelyiah, Paul Nash, David Whitaker, Paul Gilmartin, Martin Roberts.

Taken from the album ‘Scarey Tales’ released Feb 2013

Written by Alex Shaw

White Rabbit (Grace Slick.) All other copyrights The Danse Society.