The Year That Was 2015 // York Place Studios

It’s fair to say that 2015 was a big one for us. We’ve shot the streets, photographed some unbelievable weddings and pushed ourselves harder than we ever have before not just to capture but to create. Story, Composition, Light, Feeling – these four words have been the focus of everything we’ve tried to do this year and they’ve taken us on quite a journey that we feel we’re only just getting started on.

We hit the ground running, heading to Rome, Amsterdam and New York pursuing our passion for street photography and having the opportunity to be guided by Magnum Street Photography greats Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb along the way. The streets are an often hostile environment to the photographer and we wanted to push ourselves to create without the safety net of a happy couple and welcoming guests. It continues to be a huge eye-opener and we’ve been on a mission to incorporate it more into our wedding work to try to create images that challenge and excite us in equal measure.

So after a little inspiration and enlightenment we went straight into wedding season and what a crazy one it’s been, full of extraordinary moments with couples who have trusted us to just do our thing and have some fun along the way. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country, photographing in all conditions from the brightest summer day to the dark rain of winter and we’ve loved every second.

We were honoured to receive some amazing feedback from our peers this year, picking up a few awards along the way (see the bottom of the page for more details). More importantly though we’ve been thrilled by the response from our couples who are just an extraordinary bunch that we’re honoured to have worked with throughout the year.

We’ve had the chance to photograph an amazing orchestral recording inside the famous Abbey Road Studios and also spent a few days ‘photographing the photographers’ at the Inaugural Nine Dots Gathering – a wonderful event to be a part of and one that initiated some overwhelming and unexpected feedback from our industry friends and colleagues when we released the slideshow.

So all in all 2015 was a blast, and (better late than never) we couldn’t let the last year pass without marking it with a little collection of our favourite images from an awesome year. Here’s a slideshow of our best bits – no directing, no posing, just real moments. Turn up the volume and enjoy the year that was 2015, York Place Style.

“When there’s nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.”