Flicking through a photo album is often compared to looking through a book of memories, yet so often the ‘memories’ we choose to keep in pride of place aren’t really real. We look at the camera, smile and say cheese; we freeze in position for that perfect shot: we somehow suppress our personalities in order to remember who we were. But for us we want all of those memories to be real. We want to feel the atmosphere, connect with the personalities and truly re-live or experience just what it was like to be there, in that moment, amongst those amazing individuals at a particular moment in their lives.

When it comes time each year for us to look back through our favourite imagery and put together a little compilation it’s not just a technical process of choosing the images with the best composition or the most complex layering, we need to feel a real connection with each and every photograph. When we take a photo or film the imagery in front of us we’re not just capturing their memories, these are our memories too: this is what our 2017 looked like and when we look back ourselves in years to come we’ll perhaps understand just a little more about where we were in both our photographic and personal journeys. The images we choose have to be ones we truly believe in, because as time passes those few little frames will be there to spark not just our couples’ imaginations but our own memories of what was, for us, a quite incredible year.

2017 was notable as a year of looking back in order to move forward. In building our talks for our masterclass and speeches at the Ninedots Gathering in London and ‘Keep It Real’ in Berlin we put real thought into not just where we are now in terms of our photography but where we were and how we got to this point. We’ve looked back not just on our favourite imagery of the last year but the last five years and for each image or clip we watch there’s always a thousand stories that surround them, there’s always that understanding of our own thoughts behind that image and the tales we can tell from that wedding and the people and personalities we met that day. We’ve even thought about Dom and Matt’s own wedding and the memories that have stuck with them and all of us the most 5 years on and tried to channel that into our selections.

2018 is set to be an extraordinary year, but right now it’s time to look back before we move forward. So this is a little story of our favourite images, both photo and film, from the last year and our thoughts about them and what we want to try to achieve.

Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt