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We love Tipi Wedding Photography and are always completely delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of one ourselves. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity twice this year and we always have a blast! The dance floor is always particularly buzzing and with nothing between the guests and the night’s sky but a thin sheet of canvas these extraordinary tented structures seem to bring out a wonderful wildness in people where everyone really cuts loose and has an absolute ball! Ash and Harri’s North Yorkshire Papakata Teepee Wedding featured what was definitely some of our favourite dancing of the year; the atmosphere was infectious and we just wanted to get up and join in ourselves! This beautiful wedding reception took place in Melbourne near York and the ceremony was held at St Catherine’s, Ash’s local family church. The weather wasn’t too kind on the day and it did rain pretty much the whole time (although it kindly held off for the portraits) but it really didn’t make a jot of difference to this incredible day. We always say that the weather is merely one of the many characters of the wedding day and such an important storytelling aspect to our work that we always embrace the changeable British climate come rain or come shine and use it to explore and enhance the real story of the day. And, on this day at least, we wouldn’t have had the conditions any other way.

There are plenty more Tipi Wedding Photography shots to share from this amazing couple’s beautiful, fun-filled wedding but for now, these are our highlights. Huge thanks to Ash and Harri for putting their trust in us and allowing us to capture all of their magic moments.

Dominique and Liam

Tipi Wedding PhotographyNorth Yorkshire Teepee Wedding Photographers Dominique Shaw and Liam Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Studios and strive to create emotional, storytelling photography that captures the real moments of your wedding day. Based near York and Leeds, the destination wedding photographers travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide to capture your special moments.

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