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Wedding Portraits

All You Need is Love (And A Camera)

Portraits should portray you, nobody else.

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert in front of the camera, portraits should reflect your personalities every bit as much as a candid photograph captured in the moment.

Our portraits are shot in a truly relaxed style, focussing on allowing you to express yourselves and feel comfortable in front of the lens. Our portraits are never pre-conceived or reproductions, they are simply a mirror of the beauty of the two people in front of us.

Formals without the formality.

Whilst we are naturally drawn to the candid and the un-staged, we believe that group photos can be an important part not just of your wedding but of your family history.

The groups should never overtake your day but, by focussing on the few rather than the many, offer the chance to create a record of a kinship preserved in time as a work of art. Being around your friends and loved ones is not a formality but a joy and a group photograph should say everything you need to know about your friendship.