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It’s difficult not to drift away into nostalgia and talk of career highlights when looking back at Shelby & Creagh’s wedding in Nantucket USA. When we first received their lovely email back in September 2018 asking whether we would be willing to travel for their wedding we were excited for three big reasons: firstly we were just so honoured that they wanted to

Documentary photography, unposed and non-directed. A Back-Garden Wedding with Emma & Chris Your wedding doesn't have to be a photo shoot. We’re always surprised how often in our conversations with couples we find ourselves having to explain this idea. Perhaps it’s the way we’re all brought up posing for those family photographs of all the key moments of our lives that naturally leads to the

Chaos, Love and Perfect ImperfectionWhat do we look for when taking a photograph? It’s a difficult question to answer - as documentary photographers surely we’re just looking to capture the story, right? Well yes, that may be the end goal but as any author will tell you it’s not just the story you tell but the way you choose to tell it that

The last few months have been extraordinarily busy at York Place HQ. We have our first street exhibition "Human Traces: Cuba" coming up this week in association with Digitalab and Fujifilm and in September we’re staging our first Photography Masterclass "Documentary with Bite" in Newcastle and we’re so excited to meet the attendees and share what we have learnt over the last eleven

“They’re so ace!! We love them, you guys are brilliant, absolutely brilliant!! We love them!!! Perfect photos they’re just amazing.” - Katey & James We have a few key mantras here at York Place Studios and keeping them always in our minds is an essential part of our every aspect of our workflow whether shooting, editing, culling or sharing our images. One of the