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And before we knew it September was here! This year has been our favourite year yet. We were absolutely beyond excited to start photographing weddings this year and it did not disappoint! We had spent most of March and April largely away (ironically) from the camera whilst teaching photography through our workshops and speaking events in Barcelona, Warsaw, Bali and presenting on behalf

Candid. Spontaneous. Real. Streety. Unposed. Discreet. Honest. Humorous. Genuine. Quirky. Relaxed. Truthful. These words are the kind of adjectives that we hope people will think of when they see our photography. Whilst we have found over the years that our images don't necessarily attract a certain kind of wedding, our work certainly seems to appeal to a particular kind of couple. One thing is

Whether it’s late night 3am debates about composition, travelling the world and the streets of incredible cities in search of great moments and connections or just sitting together watching a movie for the 15th time because the conceptual use of shadow in that one scene just blows our minds a little bit it’s fair to say that we freaking love our job.One of

Over the last twelve years of shooting weddings we have come to realise that there isn’t really a particular pattern to the kind of wedding that we typically get booked for. We don’t work exclusively with a particular ‘type’ of couple, the styling and venue varies wildly from one wedding to the next and we’re lucky enough to witness an incredibly wide selection

This year the theme of some of our speaking engagements has focussed on the personal realisations and revelations we’ve had over the years about photography, both in the way we personally shoot and in the wider field of wedding photography in general. One of the things we realised pretty early on with our photography, is that whilst wedding photography has traditionally been about