family portrait photography captured in a family garden - young girl in pink dress spins a hula hoop in the foreground, whilst in the background another girl holds a spacehopper as her brother approaches her with lobster claw toys replacing his hands

I LOVE them. You are geniuses. Thank you so so much. I am totally blown away. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I asked you to do this. Thank you a million times over. There are so many wonderful, meaningful and funny moments. I don’t think I’ve taken them all in yet. I know how good they are too - it’s like I’m looking at them with two heads - I appreciate them just as much as I love them. Everyone loves them. Thank you so much for doing something so very special for us

- Alice


People often ask us where we get our inspiration from and how we came to focus more on people and personalities in our photography rather than the event itself. In truth it’s been a long journey to find our style with all kinds of influences helping to shape it, but the idea of centring our work on the relationships and interactions of the guests really came not from weddings at all but from something we’ve been doing even longer: before weddings took over as our primary focus we started out mainly as family photographers.

Spending some time closely experiencing and photographing the dynamic of another family is always a privilege and something that we’ve always loved to do. We love the intimacy of family photography – having an expanded opportunity to really explore unique quirks and characteristics as well as the laughs and jokes that families share together is really a reportage photographer’s dream! So, whilst weddings have generally been our primary photography playground, we’ve always continued our family shoots in the background, and after spending a little time lately exploring our always expanding photographic library and re-discovering two of our favourites: Immediate Family by Sally Mann and At the Edge of The World by Alain Laboile, we’ve been even more inspired and excited to share some of our family work.

Not too long ago we were especially humbled to be asked to photograph a fellow family photographer – the wonderful and talented Alice Chapman and her brood as they held a small family gathering at the family home in Yorkshire. It was an absolutely joyful few hours watching the cousins play together in the garden with a few big kids at heart joining in the fun as well! With treasure hunts, hula rings, space-hoppers and more we couldn’t have been more honoured to share such a special day with this amazing family and we made this special little slideshow (above) to remember it by.

Alice and co, thanks for having us along for the ride. Here are a few of our favourite frames.

Dom & Liam

family portrait photography captured in a family garden - young girl in pink dress spins a hula hoop in the foreground, whilst in the background another girl holds a spacehopper as her brother approaches her with lobster claw toys replacing his handslittle girl in toy car and other children in the background. Documentary family photographyYorkshire family photography, boy covering his face up with a bouncer family of three playing in the garden in Sheffield, YorkshireBubbles, lobster hand and a lot of children playing. Documentary family portraits. little girl blowing bubbles, young boy playing with bouncer. Documentary family photographySiblings playing in a garden in YorkshirePlaying limbo with children and adults. Documentary portraits Little girl pulling a face, unposed documentary stylelittle girl blowing bubbles, documentary family photographychildren playing dress uplittle girl playing in garden, boy and girl in toy caradults in garden, children talkingchildren playing with bouncer, little girl playing with pretend shop tilllittle girl fell off bouncer, laughingplaying limbo with make shift stick. Boy underneath limbo stick, family watchingtwo little girls playing in the garden in Sheffield children playing with lobster hand toyDocumentary family shoot, boy jumping with skipping rope, little girl on bouncer wearing a superhero capeunusual shape movements by children in a garden in Sheffield children having a drink, documentary family photographyjumping girl with bearlittle girl blowing bubbles, two children on bouncerschildren in the house playingwoman in window beautiful lightchildren in the back of a car playing

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