Indian Wedding Photography

Every beat of the drum a moment to capture

The experience of being part of an Indian wedding is simply breathtaking. The heart-wrenching emotion of the Doli, the bold beat of the drums and the pride and passion on the dance floor are matched only by the vibrancy of the colours and the almost deafening roar of the excited voices around you.

This is the natural territory of the memory hunter, the emotion seeker. This is the richest of cultures and the most exquisite of ornament. Every second is an event, every hour an adventure. This, perhaps, is the pinnacle of photographic opportunity. This is the Indian Wedding.


“We are still wiping away the tears after viewing our INCREDIBLE wedding photographs produced by Dom and Liam at York Place Studios. Wow! We are utterly blown away with the beauty, comprehensiveness and emotion captured in the photographs you’ve taken on our wedding day. Technical expertise is only one ingredient in finding the ‘perfect’ wedding photographer. Dominique and Liam, you have this in spades! What makes you truly great is that you invested time in really getting to know us as a couple!”

Indian Wedding Photography by Dom & Liam Shaw, York Place Studios