Yorkshire Wedding Photography & Videography

By York Place Studios


Yorkshire Wedding Photography & Videography

By York Place Studios


As Yorkshire wedding photographers and videographers we love shooting in the beautiful venues and settings of our home county. We travel across Yorkshire (and all around the world!) capturing gorgeous weddings with our unique take on documentary wedding photography and videography.


Popular Yorkshire Wedding Venues

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers With An International Reputation

From the Scarborough High Street to working worldwide, Yorkshire remains our home and favourite place to shoot


Whilst these days we travel the world photographing and filming weddings, shooting street photography and speaking at international photography events, at heart we’ve always been Yorkshire wedding photographers. Yorkshire has always been our home, our base and our favourite place to be.

With so many incredible wedding venues for every style of wedding Yorkshire’s naturally relaxed vibe is perfect for our unintrusive, fun documentary style of photography and filming. Whilst we absolutely love working with all of our amazing couples we don’t want you to spend all of your time on your wedding day thinking about photography, we want you to forget we’re there and spend time with your friends and family living every last second of your special day.

Rhona & Chris {Londesborough Pub, London}


We could not recommend Dom and Liam enough! We had the most amazing day and a huge amount of that was down to them being the best photographers ever! We absolutely loved having them photograph our day. They were so thoughtful, enthusiastic, subtle and just basically great fun to be around! It was like having a couple of friends there, which is exactly what we wanted.

Celia & Alastair {Battersea Park, London}

Every photo managed to capture our wedding day so perfectly. Looking through our photos now we have a story of the whole day, showing us things that we never realised were even happening. We have had so many people come to us and tell us the photos are the best they have seen and we are so proud of this.

Hollie & Kieran {Colehayes Park, Devon}

We honestly cannot properly put into words how amazing our photographers were. Dom and Liam were beyond incredible. As my husband and I are both creative, and I myself as a filmmaker and photographer, getting the right photographers for our wedding was the only thing we were really picky about. And so after searching high and low, we found York Place Studios and fell in love.

Cameracraft Magazine


Eyes sharpened by Street Photography, Dom & Liam demonstrate a wealth of digital street and wedding photography techniques, embodying the best qualities of traditional film-based approaches

Chelsea & Antony {Morden Hall, London}

We absolutely love the work of Dom & Liam. We have had so many comments on our wedding photos – people just absolutely love the style. They managed to capture all the happiness, joy and laughter of the entire day. Not only that but they made us and all our guests feel so comfortable – they literally blended in and worked their magic. We highly recommend their work – you won’t regret booking them!

Beth & Tim {Star Inn, Yorkshire}


Dom and Liam are the most genuine, sweet and talented artists who were a highlight of our January wedding. The photos of the day speak for themselves. They are everything we asked for and more, each one is a piece of art in its own right. They went above and beyond what was asked of them to make the day perfect, and we will aways have the photos they took to remember not only the day but the amazing people that took them.

Juliet & Richard {Finca Son Salas, Mallorca}


Oh my lord, these guys are good. They absolutely captured the atmosphere, the feeling, the love. The photos are intimate, expressive, stunningly artistic. And they are SO NICE to deal with – professional, passionate, lovely. I literally cannot recommend these guys highly enough, we are beyond delighted with what they delivered.

Ally & Alex {Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire}


We are obsessed with our wedding photos! York Place Studios did an amazing job of capturing moment after moment in a way that tells a story through different perspectives, and takes you back to those moments every time you look at the photos. If you are looking for lively, candid, cool and artistic wedding photos, we would highly recommend York Place Studios.

Hadar & Dan {Islington, London}


Choosing our wedding photographers was the easiest task we had. The photos on their website were so mesmerising, we wanted to frame them without knowing the people, and this is the difference between traditional wedding pictures to the art they bring. The results were phenomenal. We cannot recommend York Place Studios enough, anyone who’ll have them on their wedding is lucky.

Gemma & John {The Ravenswood, West Sussex}


These guys really are the masters of their art. I didn’t want traditional, staged photos for our wedding and was looking for something more spontaneous and humorous. I came across their website and was blown away. They were exactly what I was looking for – fun, silly and different. On the day, they really were amazingly friendly and easy to work with. And then the photos arrived… Unbelievable! I have nothing but praise for them.

Shelby & Creagh {Nantucket, USA}


This review is long overdue, but the gratitude we feel toward Dom and Liam has only grown since our wedding several months ago. The way in which they captured our day is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. No posing, perfectly imperfect….just as it happened. Each time we go through them we find little bits that we never noticed. They exceeded our expectations beyond what we can describe in words.

Bex & Dave {Comrie Croft, Scotland}


There’s no words that are good enough to describe how brilliant York Place Studios were when it came to capturing our day! The pictures we have of our wedding are beautiful, funny, and heartwarming, you can tell that this team care about the people they are photographing and the story they are telling. Their art is amazing. The moments they have caught of our friends, family and all our loved ones will stay with us forever and we know we made the right choice!

Keep It Real


Dom and Liam transfer their roots from street photography to weddings by literally photographing ordinary moments and situations in an incomparable, interesting and creative way. You don’t need extraordinary places with extraordinary people to create a successful reportage, you can do it in any situation and York Place are the masters.

This Is Reportage


To a lot of people, when they think ‘Documentary Wedding Photography’, they think ‘York Place Studios’ – they really are that synonymous with the craft. Their ‘Create, Don’t Recreate’ tagline epitomises the reportage approach to me – and the particular way in which they go about that, with such eyes for artistic compositions and deeply layered imagery is something to behold.

Breathe Pictures Podcast


Masters in layering, creative inventors behind the lens.

Historic Houses to Cosy Pubs: Yorkshire's Eclectic Wedding Venues


For weddings with a certain grandeur Yorkshire boasts some of the world's most beautiful historic houses like Castle Howard, Newby Hall, Harewood House and Duncombe Park (all of which would also form the perfect backdrop to a slightly more rustic marquee or Teepee wedding in the grounds!) But if you're looking for something with a little less formality there are so many incredible pubs, hotels and historic buildings scattered across the county (not to mention the more unusual venues like York Maze and the 'make it your own' Hornington Manor), all of which are such characterful places to allow you to express your style and your relationship together, whatever that looks like. For us as your Yorkshire Wedding Photographers and videographers though, regardless of the setting it's just about enjoying yourselves and truly having the best day of your lives, and god's own county is a fine place to do it.

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