“To a lot of people, when they think ‘Documentary Wedding Photography’, they think ‘York Place Studios’ – they really are that synonymous with the craft.”

– This Is Reportage

``We never wanted to be great wedding photographers... we wanted to be great photographers``

Wedding photography is an industry often dominated by cliché. By alternative takes on a shot you’ve photographed 1000 times before, by the weight of assumed expectations over the freedom of artistic expression. There’s a continuous pressure to perform, to match the best images in your portfolio at every single wedding, even if the conditions and setting are completely different.

But how do you get the best out of the weddings you shoot week in, week out and create bold, impactful, original imagery no matter what the setting, no matter what the style of wedding, no matter what activities the bride and groom have planned for the day?

Through a simple realisation:

It’s not the wedding that needs to give you more, it’s up to you to leave preconceptions at the door and open your eyes to what’s already there.

Bali Workshop

About the Workshop

The York Place Photography Workshop is an exploration of the art of reportage wedding photography. We aim to help our attendees to understand how to find interesting documentary imagery with consistency throughout every part of a wedding day, not just the big moments, through an examination of theme, composition, layering and light.

Through the course of the workshop we’ll explore our street photography influences, our approach on a wedding day and our people and personality based ethos to photography in general. Whether a reportage specialist or just looking to up your documentary game our aim is to help you to find your unique voice in a crowded market.


“I was several years into the wedding photography business when I booked a seat at Dom and Liam’s Masterclass. I guess you could say I felt a bit stuck, doing the same things and safe shots over and over again. So when I discovered their work, it was a huge inspiration – and, long story short, so was their workshop. Their work impresses with on point storytelling and shows the well trained eye of talented street photographers and a unique sense of humour (which is, let’s face it, pretty rare in wedding photography). In their workshop, Dom and Liam shared their development as documentary photographers with us, as well as their photography techniques and their elaborate and deep work ethics and mindsets. It was a workshop not about ego, but about documenting truth, the art of spontaneity and the beauty of real moments and real people, filled with hands-on advice for any questions we might have had. Last but not least: Dom and Liam are not only one of the most innovative and talented wedding journalists out there, they are also truly lovely souls. Attending their workshop gave me the kick in the ass I needed and a fresh and unique perspective on a very traditional photography genre. Thinking about going to their workshop? Just have a look at their work, guys. Yep. Go.” – Juliana Socher


We regularly speak at some of the biggest photography events in the world. Here are some of the upcoming events where you can come and see our seminars.

DocDay Photography Conference Ireland


20th February 2024

DocDay – Documentary Wedding Photography Conference

Dublin, Ireland


16th – 19th March 2024

Presentations & Book Signing

Birmingham, UK



2nd – 5th April 2024

Brittany, France


“Literally the second scrap that, mili-second I saw that the awesome Digitalab were hosting a workshop with the completely awesome York Place Studios, I sent an email starting with HELL YES! I could not wait to literally dive head first into the sea of knowledge that these guys would pour out. And pour out it did. Dom and Liam were so open, so honest, and so bloody frank that you could not come away from the day without feeling inspired, mesmerised, and honestly – a bit shaken up. I’m literally looking at the world a bit different now. Looking to find the comedy, the moment, the light, the strangeness that is all around and thinking differently about I can capture all of that in JUST ONE FRAME. And if that wasn’t enough, bloody hell – there were Krispy Kreme donuts, a wicked buffet lunch (I love my food), a Fuji man on hand to answer all our techno questions, the lovely Matt to talk moving pictures and the awesome Digitalab team to show off their awesome lab. All in one day. Bonkers! Oh – and we enjoyed a lovely meal and drinkies after because the entire team were just so ace, we didn’t want to go home! So – if you’re thinking of attending a workshop this year and you’re remotely interested in documentary photography (REAL documentary photography) – then you should totally book this one. You can tell how amazing it was because I literally used the word ‘literally’ a hundred times in this review. Amazeballs. Book now!” – Claire Batey


If you’re looking for more one-to-one training we are able to offer mentoring days and critiques at our studio in Scarborough, UK where we can spend a day getting to the heart of your style and how to improve your documentary photography.

We can also offer online critiques to examine your own work and help you to identify areas where your work can be improved upon.

“If I had to sum up the masterclass in one sentence, I would say “It was the smack in face I needed… An amazing day spent with the very friendly Dom & Liam, exploring their unique style/approach and it’s application to weddings. To sum up the day: practical, thought provoking, down to earth & inspirational.” – Sara Kirkham


Alongside video seminars we are now offering online film critiques for wedding videographers where we will examine every aspect of your films and help you to find your style, improve your compositions, editing and use of sound.

Click below to enquire about Film Critiques


“I’ve been a big fan of Dom and Liam’s work since I first started in the industry. In my mind when it comes to creative compositions capturing moments and using available light there is no one better. Learning their ethos and their thought process behind some of their most iconic images was fascinating. They were completely open and honest with us, not holding anything back. After running through their approach we jumped into the technical and a critique of our own work which was golden as we left with some really solid steps of how we could take our documentary work to the next level. And it I mention it was a barrel of loves and got to meet loads of awesome photographers? I had a wedding the day after the workshop and I lost count of the times I heard Liam’s voice in my head going “Birds!” and “Face Tumour” (you’ll have to attend their workshop to appreciate these) which goes to show the positive impact they’re already having on how I work.” – Matt Badenoch


“I recently attended York Place Masterclass: Documentary With Bite and loved it! This was my first workshop as I’m very new to the wedding photography scene. Dom & Liam were able to cater for my needs and all the questions I had. They were very attentive and although there were other people in attendance it felt very much a bespoke and personal experience. The content was excellent, delivered professionally, with real character and a real good laugh. I walked away not only inspired and educated but also like I’d got to know them personally – thanks YPS.” – Kevin Barrett


“The communication was fantastic, the warm welcome was homely, the knowledge on display was immense yet the delivery was with sincerity and clarity which was pure and honest without ego, I loved it ….. Especially as we had cakes and coffee on tap too!I was sat there listening, and suddenly the penny dropped, the pieces are starting to connect, and I honestly urge someone who LOVES documentary wedding photography to get on this next time. I have since put into practice many things I had learned and all of a sudden I am pushing myself to create more from using less in the images, keeping it pure and keeping images as close to my heart as possible without opting for the obvious, looking to put more of my personality into the pictures too. It’s hard to describe what going on this workshop means to me – 2017 and beyond I have a lot to feel inspired about. Thanks so much to everyone at the YPS masterclass it couldn’t have been any better! Thanks so much for your time, honesty and genuine warmth. Peace and Love” – Ed Brown & Victoria Boam


This might sound odd, but I have gained the most from the workshop during the few days afterwards. It wasn’t until I stepped back, digested the information, and thought about the key messages for my work, that I understood the difference between good, bad, and amazing photographs. I took a lot away with me, and it all starts with the ability to critique a photograph. Having the ability to see my mistakes, is the catalyst to improve and grow as a photographer. If you’re wanting to improve your documentary wedding photography, this masterclass is the kick up the ass you need!” – Steve Chaplin

If you have any questions about any aspect of our wedding photography training and video critiques please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.