We never wanted to be great wedding photographers, we wanted to be great photographers.

Wedding photography is an industry often dominated by cliché. By alternative takes on a shot you’ve photographed 1000 times before, by the weight of assumed expectations over the freedom of artistic expression. There’s a continuous pressure to perform, to match the best images in your portfolio at every single wedding, even if the conditions and setting are completely different. But how do you get the best out of the weddings you shoot week in, week out and create bold, impactful, original imagery no matter what the setting, no matter what the style of wedding, no matter what activities the bride and groom have planned for the day?

Through a simple realisation:

It’s not the wedding that needs to give you more, it’s up to you to leave preconceptions at the door and open your eyes to what’s already there.

Following the 2017 sell-out success of the first York Place Masterclass ‘Documentary With Bite’ we’ve received a huge number of workshop and mentoring requests from photographers all around the world.

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