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York Place Studios is a multi-award winning family collective of two photographers and two filmmakers specialising in capturing real moments in an authentic documentary style without posing. We focus on capturing people and personalities and celebrate the unique in every celebration, finding big stories in the smallest of moments and capturing your wedding the way it felt to be there.

Though Yorkshire wedding photographers and videographers at heart our work has taken us all around the globe, from Tokyo to Sri Lanka to Cuba, the United States and across the length and breadth of Europe. We regularly shoot weddings in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Poland whilst simultaneously speaking at international wedding photography conferences, experiencing different cultures and photographing and filming the streets of the cities that intrigue us from around the world.

“To a lot of people, when they think ‘Documentary Wedding Photography’, they think ‘York Place Studios’ – they really are that synonymous with the craft.”

– This Is Reportage

“Dom and Liam photograph ordinary moments and situations in an incomparable, interesting and creative way. You don’t need extraordinary places with extraordinary people to create a successful reportage, you can do it in any situation and York Place are the masters.”

– Keep It Real, Berlin

“Eyes sharpened by Street Photography, Dom & Liam Shaw demonstrate a wealth of digital street and wedding photography techniques, embodying the best qualities of traditional film-based approaches.”

– Cameracraft Magazine


Turn up the volume and watch the short film below to understand more about the moments we seek to capture.


We are Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt. We capture real memories and the moments that really matter. We seek personality in every frame and capture life, colour & character through candid composition.

Over more than a decade the photographs and films of York Place Studios have become synonymous with creative reinvention, breaking down stereotypes and a bold and unique signature style that blurs the lines of ‘traditional’ wedding photography. We aim to combine our street photography influences seamlessly with our wedding work, injecting colour, humour, subtle characterisation and detailed, thoughtful layering within each frame.

In a field known primarily for the big set-pieces (the kiss, confetti, first dance) we look to find hidden truths and real life and soul in the smallest of moments, using available light and a keen understanding of the human condition to turn the most subtle interaction into the biggest shot of the day. Our ‘Create, Don’t Recreate’ message is more than just a tagline, it’s a staunch commitment to innovate at every single wedding and in every part of the day; a commitment to truly celebrate the unique in every wedding and every person we encounter along the way.

Now you know a little more about us we’d love to hear more about you and your exciting wedding plans. Click on the link to get in touch.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Our work takes us all over Europe and affords us the chance to share in all kinds of incredible cultures, from Jewish and Indian extravaganzas to French civil ceremonies with a little added va va voom, from African weddings to Chinese festivities, from same-sex marriages to humanist celebrations.

From Italian castles on the banks of Lake Garda to rustic Kentish teepees, from York to London, Newcastle to Leeds, from Suffolk barns to outdoor weddings in the fresh air of Cornwall we adore the adventure and the extraordinary people we meet.

In the low light of winter or the festivals of summer, like true Yorkshire folk we’re ready for anything, so whether your plans are at home or abroad or even in our home town of Scarborough we would love to be there to share in your adventure.

Below are some of our favourite wedding venues, styles and settings we’ve been lucky enough to be involved with over the last ten years.