The greatest memories are never forced or faked, they’re forged in the briefest of moments and from the most unexpected of places.

We love portraits and always recommend a few group shots but it is the pure moments, not the contrived that live longest in the memory and it is those on which we focus. We want to capture your day thoroughly yet discreetly, awaiting the spontaneous and relishing in the unpredictable. True emotion cannot be created, only felt.

Weddings photographs are not just pretty pictures, they are lasting memories of overwhelming emotions.

We know how hard you worked to make your venue look incredible and we’ll cover every last inch, but lasting memories are forged between people, not between details and centrepieces.

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Memories don’t stop at the first dance so neither do we.

You never know when someone is going to make you belly laugh, you never know when you are going to cry with happiness or be overpowered with emotion. That’s why we will be there morning to night, thriving in the in-between, ready for the unexpected.

It’s not all about the bride.

The groom is just as important. For every dab of make up for the girls, there is a sip of beer for the boys. We are there to capture both angles of the story and reveal the chaos, fun and laughter of the wedding morning.

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“Wherever there is light, one can photograph” – Alfred Stieglitz

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Available light, flash free.

Lighting is important. Lighting changes the way we see things, it can make a moment romantic, exciting, soft or brash, it can completely change the mood of everything including a photograph. We choose to embrace it.

Natural Light Ninjas.

Flashy lights are for the DJ. We want you to forget that we are there, dance hard, live free, be in the moment.

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There are no rules.

We have never captured a wedding like yours before and we never will again. We want to capture your style, your personalities, your day no one else’s.

Your wedding is completely unique.

Our style is consistent but we never paint by numbers. We never settle for the safe shot, the tried and tested, the ordinary, we want to create images that excite us every bit as much as they excite you.

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It is our emotions that help us take great pictures, if you can’t feel then you can’t see.

No compromise, just great imagery.

Turn up the volume and watch the short film below to understand more about the moments we seek to capture.