The Copper Horse, Yorkshire

The Love Bug. We last met this adorable couple one freezing windswept morning on Scarborough’s South Bay for an engagement shoot with a difference! Whilst we do ask our couples to wear clothes they feel comfortable in for our e-shoots, wetsuits were definitely a first! However all had become clear when the couple headed out to the beach, boards in tow ready to catch the early morning surf! It had been a fun-filled, thrill ride of a shoot (and wet… very wet!) and we’d been looking forward to the wedding ever since, knowing that with these ladies it was undoubtedly going to be an exciting day!

We were not disappointed. Unsurprisingly for this surf-loving couple their charming home sits upon the Scarborough cliff-top, the roar of the tide a peaceful lament as well as a daily calling to take to the waves. Inside we found the first of our brides, Sara being embellished with makeup whilst in another room a gorgeous white wedding gown was juxtaposed by an unusual admirer; the couple’s black cat looking curiously at this strange and beautiful garment.

Meanwhile down the road at her mothers home Sarah was also preparing for her big day, whilst two more incredibly cute animals were clearly feeling the love that was in the air!

Back at the couple’s home we noticed an unusual ornament upon the bookshelf: A model of a spruced up surfer’s VW camper van, the couple’s dream mode of transport. On hearing the sound of an engine we stepped outside to find, adorned in wedding ribbons, the real thing; polished to perfection and ready to transport our beautiful brides in unique style!

This little love bug (or perhaps love bus) had a personality all of its own and when we were formally introduced we were told that his name was Dillon. He made quite an impression on us and all the guests as he brought Sarah and Sara to the wedding venue but little did we know Dillon was to make a further impact later in the day!

Inside Scarborough registry office the music started and the guests were upstanding awaiting their arrival. Hand in hand our two brides made double the impact as they walked slowly down the aisle in their individually styled white dresses, the joy and emotion on their faces plain to see. For two people so in love and so suited to one another it was a truly perfect moment as they sealed their marriage with a kiss, and as they left the ceremony room their loved ones clearly couldn’t wait to congratulate the handsome couple.

Though unable to attend the ceremony personally, Dillon had been kind enough to put the champagne on ice as he waited patiently to whisk them away to their next location. The drinks reception was held at a place very dear to their hearts at the site of the old Holbeck Hall on the Scarborough cliffs. There resides a bench in memorial to a loved one that could not be with them in person but who was most certainly with them in spirit, and it was in his honour that they chose this place for the reception to take place.

Though the drinks reception was a lovely event, Dillon was eager to serve the happy couple and was ready to take them on to their final destination. The Copper Horse restaurant in Seamer is a fantastic restaurant with great charm, amazing food and a great, fun decor. Theatrically styled and with delightful old puppets adorning the walls it’s a fantastic venue for every occasion, and perfectly suited for our brides’ playful personalities.

Stepping through into the main function area it became clear that Dillon had made a big impact! The Volkswagon Camper formed the theme of the wedding decoration, featured on everything from the guest list to each individual place setting: a charming way of tying the day together and a fantastic feature for the little van with the big personality!

Though we had been rushed to be first to the restaurant to capture all the little details before the guests arrived, it seemed for a moment that the two brides had beaten us to it as two smiling faces sat at the end of the head table. Upon closer inspection however these were no ordinary brides, but a special surprise from Sarah’s mum: two fantastic life-size balloons waiting to greet the guests with smiles almost as broad as their real life counterparts!

It was a lovely, intimate setting and one of the finest wedding breakfasts we’ve ever sampled (not to mention the sublime wedding cupcakes)! A fun-filled end to an extraordinary day; a day never to be forgotten. For our beautiful couple it was a day that celebrated more than just a love bug, it was a day that celebrated an undying love, an unbreakable bond, a perfect partnership.

Civil Partnership Yorkshire Photographers, Dominique Shaw and Liam Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Studios and strive to create emotional, storytelling photography that captures the real moments of your wedding day. Based near York and Leeds, the destination wedding photographers travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide to capture your special moments.