Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

One of the many perks of this wonderful job is that we get to travel across the UK and abroad to capture couple’s perfect days. It is something that we just love to do; exploring new places and visiting new towns and cities so when Ben and Clare asked us to be their Wiltshire Wedding Photographer honestly we couldn’t have been more excited! We travelled down the day before so we could meet the lovely couple in person and we found them half way through designing their amazing huge fabric marquee with maypole centre pieces at their family home of Copes Cottage. The next day we travelled to The Castle and Ball in the local town of Marlborough where we found Ben and his best man James putting the final touches to their outfits and polishing those shiny black shoes! Then it was a quick detour to The Swan pub to meet the rest of the groomsmen before their Usher’s lunch. Then, boutonnieres pinned and glasses flowing we said our goodbyes to go and meet our beautiful bride to be. A relaxed atmosphere greeted us at Copes Cottage (the girls invited us to join them for breakfast!) and we quietly set about documenting the bridal preparations whilst she and her ladies and the most gorgeous flower girls you could imagine (with floral crowns on their heads!) prepared for the big moment ahead. Clare looked stunning with her tight dark curls and lace dress with a beautiful silk belt that she pinned additional vintage broaches too along with her bouquet of flowers that looked like they had been handpicked from one of the many lush fields that surround the area.

The ceremony at St Peter, The Street at Milton Lilbourne was heartfelt and emotional and I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the house as Ben and Clare stepped out to a mass of rice confetti and tremendous cheers! Once back at Copes Cottage, the party really did swing in to gear, with emotional and hilarious speeches in equal measures and a party that went on to the very early hours as we watched in great joy as each guest threw themselves into every last dance number. Our ever thoughtful newly married couple had supplied a box full of crazy hats for the guests, adults and children alike and it was quite a sight to see a chicken hat dancing with Sherlock Holmes and a clown! Not a sight we will forget in a hurry but one that really gave the party another level of fun that we hadn’t seen before, well worth considering for your wedding!

Thank you so much Ben and Clare for allowing us to be a part of your fantastic day, we enjoyed every last second.

Groom getting tie on groom in mirror groom helping best man wiltshire-wedding-photography_0005 groom polishing shoes wiltshire-wedding-photography_0007 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0008 bad weather for wedding wiltshire-wedding-photography_0010 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0011 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0012 groom next to fence wiltshire-wedding-photography_0014 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0015 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0016 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0017 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0018 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0019 bride preparing in mirror wiltshire-wedding-photography_0021 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0022 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0023 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0024 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0025 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0026 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0027 bride putting dress on wiltshire-wedding-photography_0029 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0030 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0031 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0032 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0033 entrance of the bride wiltshire-wedding-photography_0035 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0037 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0038 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0039 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0040 flower girls with flora headbands wiltshire-wedding-photography_0042 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0043 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0044 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0045 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0046 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0047 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0048 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0049 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0050 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0051 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0052 bride and groom in ceremony wiltshire-wedding-photography_0054 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0055 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0056 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0057 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0058 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0059 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0060 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0061 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0062 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0065 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0066 bride and groom portrait next to tree wiltshire-wedding-photography_0068 Crazy confetti wiltshire-wedding-photography_0070 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0071 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0072 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0073 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0074 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0075 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0076 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0077 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0078 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0079 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0080 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0081 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0082 bride and groom under blossom tree still life of flowers wiltshire-wedding-photography_0085 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0086 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0087 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0088 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0089 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0090 emotional speeches in marquee wiltshire-wedding-photography_0092 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0093 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0094 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0095 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0096 a huge hug wiltshire-wedding-photography_0098 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0099 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0100 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0101 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0102 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0103 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0104 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0105 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0106 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0107 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0108 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0109 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0110 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0111 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0112 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0113 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0114 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0115 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0116 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0117 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0118 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0119 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0120 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0121 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0122 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0123 crazy dancing with funny hats wiltshire-wedding-photography_0125 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0126 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0127 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0128 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0129 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0130 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0131 the first dance with the bride and groom wiltshire-wedding-photography_0133 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0134 wiltshire-wedding-photography_0135

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